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Family Night

Learn about your family and what they really think about. It’s amazing what you can learn about someone when you ask the right questions.

Game Night

A perfect way to turn casual friends into actual friends. Discover what they think about when they lie awake at night.

Happy Hour

Serious questions deserve serious lubrication. Learn more about your coworkers than you ever wanted to know by asking fascinating questions.

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Life. Love. Laughter.

Congratulations on your candidacy for president! Race for President displays your confidence, class, and charisma as you answer questions and make strategic decisions. Team up with an ally to win the presidency or sabotage a rival with your resources.

Time and Money

“What’s your most expensive possession that isn’t a necessity?”

“What advice would you give someone who is about to graduate high school?”

Personal History

“Outside of your family, who has been the most influential person in your life?”

“What phrases did your parents always say?”


“What is your favorite thing about the person sitting to your right?”

“If you spoke to a large group of men on how to be better husbands, what would you tell them?”


“What are your most visited websites?”

“If you had to attend a church (other than your own) every week for a year, what religion would you choose?


“If you could pick someone to have their face on the $20 bill, who would you choose?”

“What problem should be the top priority for everyone in the world to solve?”

Out of the Blue

“If you were forced to live out the rest of your life on a TV series, what show would you choose?”

“If you were only allowed to be in three cities for the rest of your life, which cities would you choose?”

180 Thought-Provoking Questions

12 Hidden Advantage Cards

Endless Possibilities

Customer Spotlight

Kickstarter Backer #23

“”I guess I just wanted to see what kind of a game it would be. I thought it would be about politics. My degree is in political science. But it’s more than that. It’s all about getting to know people on a deeper level. Honestly, I’m surprised I liked it as much as I do.”

My Favorite Question ?
What does your typical morning routine look like?

“I guess it lets me see a side of people I don’t usually get to see. I see them all dressed up at the office, or a night on the town. But when we’re still in our pajamas waiting for the toast to pop up, it feels like I have more in common with people than I realize.”

Vote With Your Wallet!

Whether you’re buying it for yourself, your family, or your friends, you’ll get the chance to share more about yourself and learn about others in the process.  Find out what makes the people in your life shine.

Vote With Your Wallet!

Customer Testimonials

Race For President is a game that’s about more than winning. It’s about learning more about your family, better understanding your friends, and sharing a part of you with those around you. Plant the seed. As Dolly Parton sings, “Let. Love. Grow.”

Sometimes you just fund a random game on Kickstarter to see what’s going to happen. Yeah, they delivered it late, but when it arrived it was everything I’d randomly hoped for. Solid questions, fun enough game play.

Taylor Jensen

Cottonwood Heights, Utah

I loved having all of my kids and grandkids together while they answered questions from the game. I guess I realized that I raised my kids, but I still didn’t know them well. It was great seeing the wide range of answers to questions.

Barbara Reeder

Phoenix, Arizona

I’d just started dating a girl and I wanted her to think I was deep and stuff so before each date I’d take out a random card and work it into our dinner conversation. And you know what? It worked! We’re still together.

Robby Ray Bennion

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I’ve played Race For President three times now and won everytime. You could pretty much say I’m the Tom Brady of Race For President. #GOAT

Samuel Josie

Lafayette, Indiana

I left University and moved to a new country and realized I’d forgotten how to make friends. But now I have a list of questions to share with others. It’s been great for getting to know my in-laws and neighbors.

Deborah Sabey

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kickstarter makes it easy to try new games. Race For President is a simple game that’s different every time you play it. I went to high school with James, so it’s pretty cool that he and his wife created a board game.

Dustin Howlett

West Jordan, Utah

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